The new full-length album from Rome in Reverse, titled We’ve Been Hereis now available for pre-order ahead of the March 29, 2019 release date. The single by the same name is officially out today, available for immediate download (along with another track, Oklahoma) when you pre-order the album. You can also check out the new single on Spotify and watch the music video below (directed by Sun Glitters).


Rome in Reverse, the solo project of the Italian-born, Copenhagen-based artist Antonella Pacifico, made its debut in 2014 and quickly found its niche within the crowded electronic music scene. Following the release of her first full-length album Loop and Reverse in 2015, Pacifico caught the attention of the Luxembourg-based producer Victor Ferreira aka Sun Glitters, resulting in ongoing collaborations between the two artists. 2016 saw two releases, both produced by Ferreira—Northern Lights EP and Sun in Reverse split EP—accompanied by a European tour with Arms and Sleepers & Sun Glitters. In 2018, Pacifico released her second full-length album The Prestige, also produced by Ferreira, and made an appearance at Aarhus Recession Festival.

With her roots in southern Italy and Tuscany—and her formative years spent in Rome—Pacifico is a self-taught musician and producer, having played in a post-rock outfit before relocating to Denmark to focus on solo music production. The environment that Pacifico has carved out with Rome in Reverse is a melted collection of club dance music, blissed-out trance-techno, ambient dub, and dreamy trip-hop sounds driven by up/downtempo electronic beats and occasionally accompanied by her emotive vocals.

We’ve Been Here officially releases on March 29, 2019 via Future Archive Recordings.

Track Listing:

01. We’ve Been Here (available for immediate download w/ album pre-orders)
02. Heyo
03. Sireno
04. Selfish (Me)
05. Mali More Touch
06. Comodo (Calme-toi)
07. Miami Much
08. Telavivi
09. Oklahoma (available for immediate download w/ album pre-orders)



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