drab ‘digging a hole to fill a hole’

We are happy to announce digging a hole to fill a hole, the debut EP from drab! If you’re into dark, ambient, industrial electronica sounds, this will be up your alley. Mark your calendars.

digging a hole to fill a hole will be released on May 10, 2019 via Future Archive Recordings, with the single loveliness out April 19. You can learn more about drab on our website.

Watch the EP video teaser below.


For the Boston-based artist Andrew G Nault, drab started out as more of a concept; broad strokes of a particular mood to convey sonically. “There’s beauty in the less favorable moments in life,” explains Nault. “Musically my ear has always leaned in that direction. Chalk it up to a small brush with death at a young age, I guess.” Indeed, there is much to be learned from life’s darker moments, and plenty of layers to shed along the way to do so. This is the context that drab operates in. Layered compositions of haze, feel, and movement that shift and progress with subtlety.

Though a newcomer to electronic music production, Nault is a long time student of music in general. With well over a decade of experience as a producer, engineer, and musician, there’s not much he hasn’t tried. Stylistically unafraid, his credits stretch across a multitude of genres (founder of Lesser Glow on Pelagic Records, live drummer for Arms and Sleepers). From Folk to Doom to R&B and more, each venture has left a lasting impression on the next. “drab is another chance for me to challenge myself and explore… a melting pot to throw all of these styles and experiences into and see what comes out,” writes Nault. With the upcoming debut EP, Nault again sets his wheels in motion, continuing to dive deeper into his unconventional combination of influences and an ear for the bittersweet.



More about drab here.