‘Alma’ – new single from il:lo OUT NOW

‘Alma’ is the 2nd single taken from ‘Sloh’, the upcoming new EP from the French electronic music duo il:lo. Out December 6, 2019 on Future Archive Recordings.



‘Sloh’ is il:lo’s fourth EP. Keeping in tune with their previous EP, their sound is a meeting of acoustic and synthetic instruments. Thereby mallets and brass converse with moogs and Junos. In ‘Sloh’, the production is designed as more electronic but still organic.

The symbiosis between heavy basses notes and atmospheric pads reminds the one between the body and the soul. The building heading into the sky of the cover illustrates this idea. In songs such as ‘Niyati’ the deep bass fixes the feet to the ground while the heady melody rises the soul.

‘Sloh’ is a new road on which il:lo wants to invite the listener. A journey to feel new emotions. Some parts of this road are peaceful (‘Alma’) while others have to be climbed to reach the top and discover new places (‘’, ‘Sloh’) and let go. At the end of the journey the listener is invited to walk alongside the Austrian river of ‘Ybbs’, and to conclude the trip with a last (progressive) ascent (‘Cami’).