If you missed the recently released dual single from the new album Corpus Dei, here’s a free MP3 download. Just click here

The process of creating album artwork is always a tricky endeavor, and I thought I’d offer you a little glimpse into how things work. There are always a bunch of initial ideas and sometimes it feels chaotic – until the moment when everything suddenly clicks. The image above is the final album cover for the upcoming new LP Corpus Dei, but it took some work to get there. Victor Ferreira of Sun Glitters has been creating artwork for Arms and Sleepers for the last few years, and below are some concepts we explored before finally settling for the image above.

Originally we had decided to go with this album cover approach – one image per song (16 total songs on the album), represented by a small circle on the cover. I usually send track-by-track notes to Victor explaining what each song is about, and for a track titled 2083, I explained that this had to do with my year of birth (1983) and how someone born 100 years before me might have seen the world and how someone born 100 years after me will see the world. That led to this… 

When I saw this last image, I knew right away that we had to use it as the album cover – it was simple but effective. And, it especially made sense because of my primary reference for the album artwork – a scan of my friend’s hip during surgery. This is also where the idea for text placement on the album cover came from.

And voila! In the end, the album cover also ended up looking quite nice (I think) on t-shirts, vinyl, CDs, and cassettes.

Thank you for checking all this out! Here’s a little clip from the upcoming visualizer for the recently released single Maybe It Was Yesterday (feat. Sofia Insua). Hope everyone is well!