Hello again – I am happy to present you the second dual single from the upcoming Arms and Sleepers album Corpus Dei. You can listen to the new tracks Return To Form and Center Of The Sun below.

The new Arms and Sleepers album Corpus Dei releases on Dec. 4. This is the 5th installment in a 6-part music series being released in 2020 (three albums, three EPs). Last year, while self-reflecting about life, aging, and the meaning of it all, I decided to have a hyper-productive 2020 and put out a music series to help me process some of these thoughts. Each music installment deals with an aspect of the human experience, both general and specific.

The upcoming album Corpus Dei is my attempt at mentally processing the lifespan of a human body. Especially as I get older and feel the physical effects of aging, I am becoming more and more fascinated by both the power and the fragility of a human body — the “corpus”. 

Here’s a new album teaser for Corpus Dei.

Thank you for watching, listening, and reading. Stay tuned for more exclusive content about the upcoming new album Corpus Dei. Coming soon: visualizers for the two new songs you heard above. Here’s a screenshot from one of the videos…