CLD.RĀN – /ˈsʌndri/

CLD.RĀN – /ˈsʌndri/


Release date: October 25, 2019


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CLD.RĀN is Victor Ferreira’s new adventure that steers toward all things glitchy. Ferreira’s new realms are based on digitally degraded, click n’ cut groove textures and artfully granular melody experimentation. It is a fresh outlook and a bit of fantasy for Ferreira‘s mind, taking a breather from his usual occupation as the head honcho of Sun Glitters.

It seems that compartmentalizing this new material away from Sun Glitters has allowed Ferreira the chance to get back to the glorious sketchbook days of starting a new project. CLD.RĀN is free of the connotations and pressures that existing projects and tasks have attached to them. Lead single /ˈtʌɪmləs/ exists on an almost psychedelic plain, floating in a micro-beat dream state, gloriously warm pads pushed through woozy tremolos, finished with dainty arpeggios breaking up to the sound of light digital distortion. This is late night music for heads, but it’s also peaceful early morning coffee at sunrise. The intimate production and melting granular melodies flash and crack gently throughout the EP, and the results are sublime.

Ferreira, when questioned, keeps coming back to the idea of “trying something new” time and time again, using CLD.RĀN almost as a vehicle for alleviating stress. With different studio setups and DAWs – allowing his fingers to wander across keyboards, see what comes out and how, and freeing samples and melodies to cluster purely through vibe – structure and form seem to follow naturally and perhaps subconsciously as mood and texture reign across the EP.