CNJR – GRN (Blockhead Remix)

CNJR – GRN (Blockhead Remix)


Release date: February 13, 2020


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Veteran hip-hop producer and beat-maker Blockhead emerges with a fresh take on GRN by dark synth and experimental electronic artist CNJR. Blockhead, with prior releases on Ninja Tune, Future Archive Recordings, and others, offers a new palette of sounds amidst CNJR‘s synths, lightening the mood compared to the original version, and offering a beat-centric version true to his signature sound.

GRN was originally released on Future Archive Recordings in June 2019, and Blockhead‘s latest album Bubble Bath was released on Future Archive Recordings in November 2019. This is the first exploration of the two artists’ sounds melding together.


01  GRN (Blockhead Remix)