Easy Easy – 5

The latest signing to the burgeoning Future Archive Recordings imprint, Easy Easy are a four-piece band hailing from Guatemala consisting of Rodolfo Madrid (Guitar), Walter Monterroso (Keyboard and Bass), Gerardo Flores (Drums), and Sofía Insua (Vocals).

The group combines influences ranging from R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, to Indie Rock, while also playing with languages—English and Spanish—resulting in a truly unique sonic signature. 

Having already built up a loyal fanbase nationally and in Central America with their breath-taking live performances as well as their debut album ‘Lo Veo Todo (Lo Siento)’ (2018) and EP ‘LVT (LS)’ (2019), they are now linking up with Future Archive Recordings to release their upcoming EP simply titled ‘5’.

And leading the way from the forthcoming release is their new single ‘Katana’…

Dripping with neo soul, smoky trip-hop flavours and alt-pop vibes, this track is a slick and sultry slice of modern production married with a distinct seductive vocal charm, as singer Insua meditates on themes of dualism, choice, indifference and ultimately death. 

An atmospheric repeated synth motif provides a moody backdrop for her to deliver delicate yet devastating vocals before the band take things up a notch and kick the track into high gear. 

It’s a fantastic statement of intent and an exciting little taste of both the new EP and further things to come for a band still in their early days… 

Easy Easy – 5

Release date: April 17th, 2020


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01 Katana
02 Digital Kiss
03 Nada Pasó
04 Foo
05 </3