ERA C – DELIRIA (Expanded Edition)

DELIRIA is the debut album from ERA C, the new project from Sofia Insua of Easy Easy + Mirza Ramic of Arms and Sleepers. The Expanded Edition also includes instrumental versions + remixes. Out Sept. 24, 2021 via Future Archive Recordings.
A transnational creation that embodies a unique selection of influences in a delicate offering to all that life has to offer, DELIRIA is an ode to travel, and discovery. Finding its home somewhere between romantic elements, bitter points of distrust and hope for the future, the LP envelopes all with its wavering electronic beats and irresistible vocals. ERA C proves to be a captivating mix of unusual tempos to both express and lull away hardships.
Speaking of the LP, Sofia Insua tells us: “DELIRIA is about distance and its sneaky way of censoring the heart, preventing it from feeling. I wrote the tracks during various transitional periods in my life, so I was going through change – adapting, looking for the next steps, and finding ways for love to survive. Some of the most defining lyrics on the record popped up in my head while walking busy streets, while traveling, while in motion. I was discovering myself geographically and through the songs that ended up being DELIRIA.”

ERA C – DELIRIA (Expanded Edition)


Release date: September 24, 2021


Milky Clear 140g LP, printed inner sleeves. Limited to 250 copies. 
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Disc 1
01  take me from you
03  (didn’t) say enough
04  don’t call me from Los Angeles
05  non-existent beat
06  idk, idc
07  resurrection
08  destroy me
09  beautiful
10  better days
11  0-60 mph
13  we’ll have better days
Disc 2
01  FACIL – Yppah Edit
02  DELIRIA – Arms and Sleepers Edit
03  0-60 mph – Easy Easy Edit
04  take me from you – Richard Houghten Edit
05  beautiful – Sun Glitters Edit
06 take me from you – Instrumental
07 FACIL – Instrumental
08 (didn’t) say enough – Instrumental
09 don’t call me from Los Angeles – Instrumental
10 non-existent beat – Instrumental
11 idk, idc – Instrumental
12 destroy me – Instrumental
13 beautiful – Instrumental
14 better days – Instrumental
15 0-60 mph – Instrumental
16 DELIRIA – Instrumental