Ghost Creek


Ghost Creek is an indie electronic duo based out of Denver comprised of Singer-songwriter, Kala, and multi-faceted producer, DMVU. Meeting while working a shitty job at a trampoline park while they were in high school, it wasn’t until DMVU (already an established electronic producer at the time) was fired that the two connected years later about creating music.

DMVU’s thick layers of production surround you with warmth while Kala’s distinctive vocals cut through and grab the listener with volatile yet alluring melodies, falsetto and mesmerizing lyrics. Sonically, a change from what his fans come to know from his hip hop inspired heavy bass music, DMVU is Emotionally aware enough to understand he’s not limited through one genre and has expanded upon himself in the public eye with poignant production and heart breaking landscapes.

Kala has been writing music and exploring his emotional intelligence since a young age. Fueled by adversity, survival and understanding. He made a promise to himself to make music that comes from the heart, and what he has been through so others could relate and learn to equip themselves with the skills to explore themselves.

The unlikely duo have a similar outlook when it comes to music and what it means to all of us. Feeling restricted by their respective scene, with no real plans and a desire to write music, they started creating together in DMVU’s basement. It wasn’t until they realized they had a library full of finished songs together that this was something real and worth pursuing the progressive boundaries of their sounds.

A pair of self-taught musicians. Kala comes from the coffee shop, busking world of Denver and DMVU from the bass rattling electronic music scene. Both Kala and DMVU are creators at heart with the ability to explore their emotions and access these sounds together that otherwise wouldn’t exist without the true collaboration between these two. Ghost Creek was born from this.