il:lo – Sloh Remixes

il:lo – Sloh Remixes


Release date: May 08, 2020


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Future Archive Recordings is excited to release ‘Sloh Remixes’, featuring three alternate versions of songs from il:lo’s latest EP ‘Sloh’. The release features a new remix by Edamame (Loci Records, Gravitas Recordings, Abandon Building Records) that gives ‘Cami’ a deeper, more introspective sound, while sneaking in a heavier beat signature of Edamame’s sound. ‘Sloh Remixes’ also includes two previously released remixes from Frameworks (Loci Records) and CNJR (Future Archive Recordings). Frameworks remixes il:lo’s breakout success ‘Alma’, while CNJR remixes the other single from ‘Sloh’, titled ‘Niyati’.


01  Cami (Edamame Remix)
02  Alma (Frameworks Remix)
03  Niyati (CNJR Remix)