PALLADIAN – Surfaces

PALLADIAN – Surfaces


Release date: February 26, 2021


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Coming off of their debut year (2020), PALLADIAN will drop their first EP titled ‘Surfaces’ on Feb. 26 via Future Archive Recordings. A powerful combination of contemporary IDM & electronic, with a classic downtempo feel, PALLADIAN quickly turned heads following their first few singles. ‘Surfaces’ will feature these songs alongside two new tracks to round out their debut collection of songs. Living up to a COVID era release schedule, PALLADIAN has also been releasing rooftop and apartment setting live videos, all from their home base in Barcelona, Spain. Already seeing features among staple downtempo blogs and channels, as well as solid DSP numbers, PALLADIAN is a noteworthy new act to watch, and ‘Surfaces’ will surely find its place as a soon-to-be classic for the genre.


01 Birth
02 Soil
03 Fur
04 Goosebumps
05 Carpets