Sun Glitters – SSoofftt TToouucchh

Sun Glitters – SSoofftt TToouucchh


Release date: May 15, 2020


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SSoofftt TToouucchh is the upcoming new album from Sun Glitters, out May 15, 2020 on Future Archive Recordings.

Since arriving in 2011—at the crest of an era overflowing with blissful synth projects—Luxembourg-based music producer Victor Ferreira (aka Sun Glitters) has earned a loyal following through consistent output, collaboration, worldwide tours, and festival appearances. With remixes for Purity Ring, Slow Magic, Blue Foundation and numerous others, and live support for the likes of Moderat, Son Lux and Gold Panda, Ferreira has quickly left a mark on the electronic music scene. Over the years, he has received glowing coverage from Dazed & Confused, BBC, Resident Advisor, Earmilk, XLR8R, Pitchfork, The Guardian and a bevy of other trend setting music outlets. 

Ferreira can be found channeling the neon-noir of the 1980s (à la Drive OST and the videos games of his youth) and recasting retro-futurism under the ominous cloud of today’s digital age. With output that includes music releases, experimental films, and graphic works, his audio/visual projects push the creative boundaries and easily merge the roles of a music producer, video director, and graphic design artist. 

Writes Ferreira about his upcoming new album: “SSofftt TToouucchh expresses my creative process, my mood, and my thoughts, which are always changing but seem to usually come back to my initial idea. Especially as these songs were done several years ago (2015-2016), but only completed now. I decided it was the right time to refresh them and compile them into a proper release. This also influenced the name of the album: SSoofftt TToouucchh. Playing with digital and motion collages was part of my process, inserting interludes in between songs to create short stories or chapters that speak to the years transpired since starting the writing process. I have always liked the idea of a wine spending years in a cave to develop its taste. SSofftt TToouuch has a nostalgic, soft touch to it, and my listeners will find that it relates back to some of my early material.”


01  557744rr77
02  BBaacckk && FFoorrtth
03 ∬
04 UUnnrreeaall
05 ƱƱ
06 BBeetttteerr DDaayyss
07 刀刀
08 II’’mm SSiicckk
09 ∆∆
10 LLeessss UUnnddoonnee
11 ❡❡
12 BBaacckk AAwwaayy
13 ℓℓ
14 TThhiinnggss TToo DDoo
15 !!
16 IItt’’ss AAllrriigghhtt (feat. Drop The Gun
17 ㊆㊆
18 EExxtteennddeedd (feat. bvitae)
19 ƬƬ
20 DDiiffffeerreenntt TThhoouugghhttss
21 ∑∑
22 DDeepptthhlleessss
23 яя
24 LLaatteellyy
25 §§
26 SSwwaayy
27 33nndd