Yppah – Sunset in the Deep End

SUNSET IN THE DEEP END is the new full-length from Yppah, out Feb 7th, 2020 via Future Archive Recordings. The first full-length since 2015!

Future Archive Recordings is excited to bring this long anticipated follow up to 2015’s Tiny Pause. Having just returned home after a successful European tour with fellow Future Archive Recordings’ artists Blockhead and Arms and Sleepers, Joe Corrales Jr  aka Yppah  is straight back to it with the brand-new single Shot Into The Sun and the announcement of a brand new album Sunset in the Deep End. Yppah’s ever growing penchant for fusing alternative, shoegaze and indie guitar textures to crisp hip-hop beats has seen his work used in high profile TV syncs such as CSI and House as well as video games such as Alone In The Dark.

Shot Into The Sun is another example of this, utilizing shimmering dream pop guitar lines a-la The XX or Interpol with the dub-roll rhythms of classic 90s groups like Massive Attack and Portishead. It is perfect cinematic territory, with emotive bass-pad providing deep, far stretching beds for all the delay and reverb on those high frequencies to carry you away into a dream.

Recording so many instruments live and on his own, Yppah manages to connect with his listeners more than his peers; there’s a real sense of conversation; he’s in the room with you, not detached, like so many sample-based producers. This is organic, deep and personal late-night music from a master of the craft.

This is a vital point in Yppah’s career and narrative. Making the move from Ninja Tune and Counter Records to the new imprint Future Archive Recordings comes at a pivotal point in his private life. With relationships ending and new beginnings abound, he took four years with over 60 sketches and demos before picking the final ten cuts that would form the new album – a signifier that Yppah’s path is wide open and possibilities are all around him. A new creative energy seems to have infected the record, connecting to the world of Future Archive Recordings and the tight-knit artist community they have fostered. With other key Ninja Tune alumni Blockhead – as well as the label-founding members Arms and SleepersSun Glitters, Little People, and CNJR – Yppah now has a stable to let loose from once again. With North American and European tours in support of the new record, 2020 is set to be his biggest year yet.

Sunset in the Deep End is due on Future Archive Recordings in February 2020.  

Yppah – Sunset in the Deep End

Release date: February 7, 2020


Translucent Blue 140g 2xLP (limited to 300 copies) + Standard Black 140g 2xLP. Includes MP3 download. 



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Translucent Blue 140g 2xLP (limited to 300 copies). Includes MP3 download.  



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01  Dreams Like You ft. Shaunna Heckman

02  Light Cycle

03  Pieces

04  Shadows Climb the Wall

05 Tree Ghost

06 By Then It’ll Be Too Late ft. Ali Coyle

07 Shot Into The Sun

08  High Pines

09 Autumn Phase ft. Ali Coyle

10  Soft Reset